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The Snow White 7 day Professional Kit is the fastest acting product of the Snow White range.


The Snow White Professional Kit is easy to use, it has been designed for home use by non-professionals. No prior teeth whitening experience is required.


The Snow White gel formula is completely Pain Free, the results acheived have not been compromised to make the treatment painless it is one of the main beliefs behind the Snow White range to provide teeth whitening without causing damage.


Professional results in the comfort of your own home. The Snow White Professional kit's whitening level is comparable to Dental treatments worth $100's. It is also a lot more convenient than multiple trips to the Dentist.


  • Pre-Treatment Gel 10ml
  • Active Snow White Whitening Gel 10ml
  • Post-Treatment rinse 10ml
  • Snow White LED Treatment Light with Gum Shield


How to use:

Step 1:  Apply pre-treatment gel to teeth and continuously brush in circular motions for 1-2 minutes. This helps to remove surface stains using innovative natural chelators, preparing the teeth for whitening.


Step 2: Brush teeth whitening gel into teeth and insert gum shield. Activate LED to enhance final results. After 15 minutes, repeat this step a further 3 times. Remove gum shield.


Step 3: Use the post-treatment immediately after step 2 to maximise the whitening effect.


Repeat steps once a day for one week.


SKU: SW006
$61.95 Regular Price
$43.37Sale Price
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