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The secret to a hassle-free Snow White Smile

Snow White Dual Foam System is part of a daily whitening routine to be used when brushing teeth in the morning.

Easy two step system - Whitens top and bottom teeth at the same time

Apply using any toothbrush. The two step dual whitening foam system is a fast and convenient way to maintain your teeth's whiteness and keep them clean everyday.

The cleaning foam helps remove enamel surface stains from teeth using the foaming detergent action enabling the whitening foam to work more effectively.


How to use:

Step 1. Brush the cleaning foam onto teeth in circular motions then rinse.

Step 2. Brush the whitening foam onto teeth using circular motions then rinse.


For best results use twice daily, morning and night.


SKU: SW005
$42.95 Regular Price
$30.07Sale Price
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