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This Professional Teeth Whitening Package contains all you need to brighten your smile in the comfort of your own home! Use once daily to see results in just under 2 weeks! 

Non Peroxide, safe formulations with the same results as competiting peroxide teeth whitening kits! 



1 x Pre-Treatment Brush

1 x Sodium Perborate Whitening Gel Pen

1 x Mouth Retractor

1 x Bib

1 x Post-Treatment Mouthwash

1 x LED Light Teeth appear 10-18 Shades Whiter after just one 1 Hour Treatment.


LED Light Specifications: Teeth Whitening light with detachable tray, accelerator, 5 LED’s, cold light, blue light portable and able for home use. This product is a high-end Teeth Whitening product, with the cold-light whitening technology, it makes the ingredients more active and eliminates the pigments in teeth in just a few minutes. Detailed Specification: 1. Fixed Voltage: DC6V (CR2450 3V*2) 2. Light Intensity: 2000~3000 mcd 3. Light: 7pcs LED 4. Wavelength: 460~480nm 5. Continuous use 48 hours.

Rogue Professional Teeth Whitening kit

SKU: RG012
$54.99 Regular Price
$43.44Sale Price
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