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Tummy perfect has an active ingredient called Slimexir, this declares war on unloved problem areas. The ingenious combination of X-Melt, a mix of Methylxanthines, extract of Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) and the polysaccharide Le-van mutually support each other and efficiently combat excess fat. By means of X-Melt, the maturation of Adipocytes is suppressed so that less fat is stored in the fat cells. 

Each of the individual components of Slimexir activates Lipolysis and causes the existing fat to increasingly fragment into fat globules and decompose. This active ingredient visibly and measurably refines the silhouette and when used regularly leads to a significantly slimmer abdomen. 

Confirmed Effectiveness: 

  • Prevents formation of new Adipocytes 
  • Reduces lipid accumulation in Adipocytes 
  • Stimulates degradation of existing fat 
  • Triggers fragmentation of liquid droplets 
  • Leads to a significant reduction of abdomen volume 


  • Slimexir at 4% works as a slimming active
  • Gransil DMCM-5 for instant blurring and even skin tone effect 


$92.95 Regular Price
$69.71Sale Price
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